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Barcelona Car Rental


If you want to rent a car in Barcelona, compare prices from different rental companies. This is best done through the internet.


If you wish to see the region that surrounds Barcelonaor as much as possible of Spain, then driving a car is certainly the best method of transport. As an EU citizen and a tourist you must follow the same rules that apply for Spanish registered cars and Spanish drivers, and you can be fined for not obeying the following:
  • Current driving license.
  • Two EU approved, red warning triangles.
  • Approved reflective jackets that must be worn outside the car on any highway. The jackets should be kept inside the car so you can put them on before you get out of the car.
  • A set of spare lamps/bulbs for your car and the tools to change them.
  • Valid insurance
  • All vehicle documents relating to the car.
As a foreign tourist you must also have you passport with you, current until after you return home. If you are from outside the EU, you will need an International Driving License issued by the correct authority in your home country. It must have one page of information in Spanish.

If you want to rent a car in Spain, compare prices from different rental companies. This is best done through the internet, also investigate any special deals the company may offer. If you book at your destination you may often be able to negotiate the price.

If you are not traveling alone, make sure your partner is also registered in the contract to be allowed to drive the car. Often an extra fee is charged, but again this may be negotiable.

Inspect the car when you take delivery, and make sure that any scratches or dents are registered. The same applies when you return the car.

Read the contract, and make sure that the boxes you want are marked with your initials, this is important in respect of the insurance cover you are getting. Save a copy of the contract.


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