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Córdoba City Breaks

There are many impressive monuments in Córdoba as well as a great atmosphere this is why it is a popular city break destination.

Córdoba is one of Spain's most popular year round city break destinations. Every weekend and public holiday it attracts Spanish tourists and Córdoba is also very popular with foreign visitors.

The reason why Córdoba is such a popular city break destination is largely due to it being the capital of Spain during the Moorish occupation of the peninsula (716-1236), and under their rule thought to have been one of the largest and most advanced cities in the world. The rulers of Córdoba produced great architectural achevements, many of wich still can be found in Córdoba's inner city area. The result is a heritage unique from that of other European cities, attracting crowds from all over the world. People come to see remnants of a lost empire, many famous monuments, and to experience the atmosphere, culture, cuisine and other delights of Córdoba.

Since there is no international flights to Córdoba the best options are to take a flight to Malaga, Sevilla or Madrid.From any of these cities, you can take the fast AVE train to Córdoba.

Car rental at Malaga or Sevilla airports is another option, which works out fairly cheap and permits maximum flexibility on your visit. The drive from both airports to Cordoba is straight forward, and takes about 2 hours, it takes a little longer from Malaga
 than from Sevilla, but Malaga has better and cheaper flight connections.

Many city break packages will force you to stay in one of the tour operators chosen hotels. Many of Córdoba's hotels
can be booked online, so maybe a better option is for yourself to search the alternatives and make the hotel reservation online.

Córdoba has a Mediterranean climate with mild winters and isolated frost. Summers can get very hot with temperatures occasionally exceeding 40C, and thereby among the highest maximum temperatures in Spain. Local minimum summer temperature is 27C which is also among the highest in Spain and Europe.

Rainfall is concentrated in the coldest months, with annual rainfall exceeding 500 mm. During the summer months there is almost no rainfall.

The best times of the year to visit Córdoba is in the spring and early summer, March through mid-June, and in the autumn, September through November/mid-December.

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