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Costa Brava

Costa Brava was one of the first recognized tourist destinations of Spain.
Costa Brava, meaning Wild Coast, is a 160 kilometer stretch of beautiful, rugged coastline in the region Catelonia in the northeast corner of Spain. Its natural beauty, endless miles of sandy beaches and summer sunshine made it an obvious target for the tour operators when the package holiday industry took off in the 1960s, and Costa Brava was one of the first recognized tourist destinations of Spain. Today you will find modern, international tourist resorts with high-rise hotels alongside unspoiled fishing villages and medieval towns with ancient castles. Costa Brava stretches from Blanes, north of Barcelona, to Roses near the French border.

Costa Brava is an ideal base from which to explore the many treasures of Catalonia. The Regional capital, and second largest city in Spain, Barcelona, must surely rank as one of the most fascinating cities in Europe, with its mind-blowing Gaudi architecture, Pablo Picasso museum and the famous La Rambla boulevard. The Salvador Dali museum at Figueres is one of the regions most popular tourist destinations, along with the Benedictine Monastery at Montserrat.

The climate on Costa Brava is welcoming pretty much all year round. Its summers are hot without being to hot, in July and August average highs are 29C (82F). Costa Bravas coldest month is January with average highs of 13C and therefore a good deal cooler than in Spain's southern regions. Located on the northeastern cost of Spain and just south of the Pyranees the Costa Brava weather is a little less reliable and not quite as sunny as some of the other costas further south like Costa Blanca and Costa del Sol, but the region still offers an excellent year-round destination.

The nearest airport to Costa Brava is in Girona, but many prefer the airport in Barcelona, it is much bigger and better connected to destinations around Europe and the rest of the world. 


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