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Gran Canaria

Gran Canaria is one of the Canary Islands, situated in the Atlantic Ocean roughly 210 kilometers west of Morocco in Africa.


Gran Canaria is 1,560 square kilometers big (538 square miles) and smaller than Tenerife, but has the largest population, 740,000 inhabitants. The island is roughly round in shape and has 236 kilometers of coast line. The peak of Gran Canaria is Pozo de Las Nieves, it raises 1,949 meters above sea level, and is located in the center of the island. Gran Canaria is probably the most scenic of the Canary Islands.

The island is divided into two dramatically different climatic zones; the humid north-central filled with beautiful green valleys, craters and other volcanic wonder, and the south, with desert like landscapes, where you will find great places to swim and sunbathe on huge beaches. Average temperatures changes from 17C in winter to 24C in summer, so in fact it is summer weather all year round, which tourists take advantages of.

The main beaches are located along the southern part of the island, between Tarajalillo and Mogan, this is the sunniest and driest part of the island. The mountains of the interior act as a barrier against the clouds that come from the North, with the result that the skies in the South remain clear practically all year round. Each beach is linked to a tourist area, where you will find all the comforts of a urban center or the peacefulness of a small village. On the Southern tip you can enjoy huge famous beaches like Playa del Inglés or Maspalomas, surrounded by the empty dunes and kilometers of sand.

Gran Canaria's main city, Las Palmas, is probably the most cosmopolitan city in the Canary Islands. It is situated on the northeast tip of the island, and offers everything of a big city: museums, squares, parks, theater etc. Las Palmas is surrounded by two large beaches; Las Caletas to the north, and the Alcaravaneras to the south.



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