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Granada is located in Southern Spain at the foot of the Sierra Nevada, Spain’s highest mountain massive with great possibilities for winter sports.
Located at an elevation of 738 meters above sea level, the Granada has been shaped by the hills, where the old districts in the Albaicín and the Alhambra was founded. These areas have steep and narrow streets. The new part of the city is situated on the plain. The population of Granada is around 240,000, of which around 80,000 are students. The population of the entire urban area is estimated to around 480,000.

In 1492, Granada was the last city to fall to the Christians, when the forces of Ferdinand and Isabella captured the Muslim Granada. The terms of the surrender treaty explicitly allowed the city's Muslim inhabitants to continue unmolested in their faith and customs. However this only lasted until 1499 when the then Cardinal undertook a forced program of baptisms, which provoked an armed revolt. In response to the rebellion, the Castilian Crown in 1501 demanded that Granada's Muslims should convert or emigrate. While many elites chose to emigrate to North Africa, the majority of the city's Muslims converted to Christianity.

Granada's outstanding monument is Alhambra, the palace fortress built by Nasrid rulers in the 13th and 14th centuries. Being the most popular tourist attraction in Spain, tickets to visit Alhambra must be booked at least 24 hours in advance.

Spring and autumn are probably the best time of the year to visit Granada, but summer is not as hot as other Andalucian cities such as Córdoba or Sevilla, and Granada is only one hour drive away from the Mediterrean coast, Costa Tropical, if the summer heat gets to much.


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