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Granada Attractions

Many visitors come to Granada only with the purpose to see Alhambra but the city has many other attractions worth a visit.
The single most important tourist attraction in the city of Granada is Alhambra, part fortress, part palace and part garden, this Moorish, medieval complex overlooking Granada is often considered on par with the 7 wonders of the world


Since the number of visitors allowed per day is limited and tickets tend to sell out, it is highly recommended to book tickets to the Alhambra in advance. Several tickets are reserved for sale on the day, but these usually require arriving early and queuing for an hour or two.

Located in the center of the Muslim area, are the city's Cathedral
and the older Royal Chapel (Capilla Real). Construction of the Royal Chapel was commenced by Ferdinand and Isabella in the beginning of the 16th century, to mark their victory over the Moors. The chapel contains the tombs of the two monarchs, and a sacristy museum with valuable paintings by artists such as Botticelli and Memling.

The Cathedral dates back to 1523. It has a nave and four aisles, a crossing and a circular apse. The Cathedral is not only stunning, but includes skillful architectural solutions. It circular plan and great height contain semi-circular arches upon which a double series of balconies rest.

Additional tourist attractions in Granada include El Banuelo - the historic baths of Granada with Moorish origin was built around 1,000 years ago, and is in surprisingly good shape; Murallas del Albayzin - remains of the walls which once surrounded an 8th century fortress; and Granada's Palacio del Mexuar - an ancient palace where a wealthy sultan lived. Granada also has museums and art galleries worth visiting.

The El Sacromonte district is located in the historic gypsy part of Granada and is a notable area, with many charming backstreets, local shops and bars. Full of character, El Sacromonte regularly features flamenco dancing and shows. Nightlife in Granada, with around 80,000 young students, is both exciting and diverse. Many of the area's top spots are located below the Alhambra, at the Paseo de los Tristes you will find a good selection of tapas bars and traditional restaurants.



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